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Rhode Island Supreme Court Takes Broad Approach to Household Residency

In Peerless Insurance Company v. Luppe, 2015 R.I. LEXIS 87 (R.I. June 17, 2015), the Rhode Island Supreme Court held that a minor child of divorced parents can be a resident of a non-custodial parent’s household. The relevant facts are as follows: Maya Henderson’s parents were divorced. Maya’s mother had physical custody. Maya’s father had visitation rights. At some point after the divorce, Maya began staying overnight with her father two nights per week. Maya kept some of her clothing
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Blast from the Past: First Circuit Reverses Dismissal of Coverage Dispute Concerning 50-Year Old Missing Policy

In Cardigan Mountain School v. New Hampshire Insurance Co., 2015 U.S. App. LEXIS 8725 (1st Cir. May 27, 2015), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit reversed the dismissal of an action based on events that occurred nearly 50 years ago, nixing the ruling that the lawsuit failed to state a claim under Rule 8 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The First Circuit instead held that the complaint survives dismissal by pleading the existence of an insurance
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